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Habitable Solution offers all its customers the benefit of many years of experience in the Engineering and Information Technology industry. We started in 2009, as Digital Solution BD in the Computer sector and we provide security and software solutions. In 2018 as Habitable Solution we provided Medical Equipment in Hospital laboratories and pharmaceuticals. Recently rebranded to “Habitable Solution”, the company has a new vision and set of innovative, professional, and unique products and services.

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  • HS Digital Solution
  • ATM Booth Solution
  • UK Consultancy

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23 North Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Dhaka-1205, BD

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37 Milligan Street, London – E14 8AT, UK

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HS Digital Solution - Habitable Solution

HS Digital Solution

  • IT Consultancy Solution
  • IT Audit Solution
  • Webpage Support and Solution
  • Gaming Server Solution
  • Internet Security Solution
  • Software Solution 
ATM Booth Support and Solution - Habitable Solution

ATM Booth Solution

  • ATM Booth Setup and Renovation
  • ATM Booth Online UPS
  • ATM Booth AC
  • ATM Booth CCTV Solution
  • ATM Booth Security Guard Deployment
  • ATM Booth Cleaning Solution
HS Consultancy - Habitable Solution

UK Student Consultancy

  • Educational Support Services
  • SIC Number – 85600
  • Company number – 13589912
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Our Clients

Hospital Pharmaceutical Laboratory Diogonestic center

Medical Equipment Habitable Solution

Medical Equipment

Habitable Solution provides Medical Equipment


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23 North Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Dhaka-1205, BD

37 Milligan Street, London - E14 8AT, UK

9/2 Secretariat Road, Shahbagh, Dhaka - 1000, BD

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