The meat is not being cooked at all? Here are 4 ways to cook mutton tan

Ways to cook meat tan
The guest is coming. Mutton tanning is an easy way to win the hearts of Bengalis when guests come to their house. So most homes will have this item on the special day menu. But for those who are cooking, one of the biggest worries is. Mutton will be cooked just like that? Most of the time, even though the spices are fine, the whole cooking is ruined because the mutton remains sticky. But learn some simple tricks to cook meat without worrying.
If he wants to cook meat, he has to prepare it from the night before. If you don't marinate the meat for at least 7-8 hours, it will take time for the meat to be cooked. However, what you are giving when marinating also depends on how soft the meat is. You can marinate with yogurt. If you can put raw papaya paste with salt and pepper, then it is best. The more you marinate with acidic foods, the softer the meat will be. The better the marinade, the sooner the meat fibers will break down and the meat will soften. It will be juicy to eat.
When buying mutton from the market, make sure that the meat is cut from the side of the foot. This meat is the most delicious and is easily cooked. How the meat is being cut also depends on how it is cooked. So buy meat from an experienced butcher in the neighborhood.

As in European cuisine, any meat that is cooked over a low flame for a long time, even if the mutton can be cooked over a low flame for three hours, will be the softest. However this method is time dependent. On top of that, given the price of cooking gas, many will not be willing to cook this way. In that case, you can put it in a pan for an hour and put it in a pressure cooker for 4-5 hours. The first whistle will fall on a high flame. Then reduce the flame and do the rest. All in all, you have to put the meat in the cooker for at least 15 minutes.

Many do not want to marinate the meat. Maybe not even time. In that case, put salt on the meat for at least an hour. You can keep it for two hours. Wash off excess salt before cooking.

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