Which SSL is good for you Free SSL or Paid SSL

Paid SSL: good for more secure websites

They may prevent your website from functioning under optimal conditions. Therefore, investing in a paid SSL certificate can provide an extra layer of protection and different levels of security for eCommerce websites, no matter the size of your website. You can be sure that the CA wants the best for your website and will guide you in doing so.

The advice I gave earlier this year still applies: Free SSL is a good option if you want to secure your site quickly, or if you want a short-term option, but if you plan to keep a site for 12 months or more A paid certificate protected by SSL is a better option.

Paid SSL: good for larger businesses

Using a paid certificate means you have to gain an advantage by promoting it or signing a contract with the relevant certificate authority, otherwise there’s no point in spending extra money for something that might be free.

Actually, they should. Just not from a free CA. Organizations have large infrastructures that may require thousands of certificates. Obviously, purchasing commercial certificates for all these endpoints is prohibitive. But this is where organizations need to consider a managed PKI solution where they work with a CA to create their own root certificate which is then installed in the root store of all endpoints so that it can issue trusted certificates for any internal network or intranet, that it has.

Free SSL: good for small businesses

Limited Use – A free SSL certificate is fine for a basic blogging site that doesn’t need to collect financial data, but not for businesses. Determined business owners and website owners must instead choose Organization Validation or Extended Validation certificates to prove their legitimacy.

On the other hand, Free SSL is a great option for a small blog or website that is just starting out, especially if you are not sure about maintaining the website in the long run. Once your website starts growing, you can always upgrade to a better option. Also, A2 hosting plans fully support free SSL certificates.

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