DIU CSE E-10 22 September 2010

DIU CSE E-10 22 September 2010


    1. What r the performance of E-Commerce
    2. Describe the classification of E Commerce
    3. Write down the benefit of E-Commerce


    1. What r the deference of payment and electronics payment
    2. Describe the kind of E-money
    3. Describe shortly payment risk


    1. Write down the condition of safe electronics payment
    2. Describe payment security
    3. Describe model of credit card


    1. Describe credit Card procedure with necessary diagram
    2. Describe E-payment protocol
    3. Describe how massage is exchange in SSL


    1. Describe the overview of main message of SET
    2. Describe the process of E-fund transfer throw SET
    3. Write down the application of E-fand transfer with online banking


    1. what is insecure system, write down the risk assessment methology
    2. Describe the risk of insecure system
    3. Describe how risk mitigated

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