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GTA 6 Lucia protagonist might have a child

The buzz around GTA 6's rumored protagonist, Lucia, is gaining momentum, especially with whispers of her potentially being a playable character and having a child within the game's narrative. Speculations abound, sparked by initial reports from Rockstar Universe, hinting at this alleged female lead and her young child making appearances in in-game cutscenes.

GTA 6 Lucia protagonist might have a child

Comparisons are drawn to GTA 5, where Jimmy, Michael De Santa’s son, plays a role, though this rumored child seems notably younger than him. Drawing parallels to Jack Marston's appearances in Red Dead Redemption series, there's speculation about how this child might be integrated into gameplay.

Rumors hint at the possibility of Lucia having a baby in the game's storyline. While Rockstar remains tight-lipped about specific characters, Jason Schreier's insights from Bloomberg shed some light.

In a recent report (November 8, 2023), Schreier confirmed two playable protagonists without divulging names but affirming a female and male lead, adding weight to leaked GTA 6 footage. Moreover, the game's setting in a fictionalized Miami, once Vice City, is confirmed.

Rockstar Games further fueled anticipation by announcing the imminent release of the official GTA 6 trailer in early December 2023, commemorating their 25th anniversary. This revelation came shortly after the Bloomberg report, reinforcing its credibility. Their statement read:

“We are thrilled to announce the imminent release of the inaugural trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto in early December. We eagerly anticipate continuing to share these thrilling experiences with all of you for years to come.”

The trailer is expected to showcase glimpses of the game's characters, but certainty remains elusive for now. Players eagerly await the unveiling, eagerly anticipating a deeper dive into the world of GTA 6.

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