FiveM Provides Updates on Content Removal, Anti-Cheat Measures, and Support

The team at FiveM has issued a comprehensive statement addressing various crucial aspects, offering insights into their policies and plans.

FiveM Provides Updates on Content Removal, Anti-Cheat Measures, and Support.

On a monthly basis, presents a "Community Pulse" to inform players about developments in FiveM and RedM. The latest edition, the second since Rockstar Games acquired the group in August, shed light on their stance concerning FiveM and RedM. Notably, the statement emphasized the removal of real-world cars and companies to align with copyright laws, a decision that drew criticism from some fans.

Addressing Community Concerns: clarified that the prohibition of real-world cars was not a recent development but had always been part of their service policy. They emphasized their encouragement for creators to respect intellectual property (IP) and avoid infringing on others' rights when developing mods for the platform. With FiveM now under the Rockstar Games and Take-Two umbrella, there is speculation that copyright enforcement may become more stringent.

Additionally, the statement highlighted that any in-game depiction of a model under the age of 18 is considered a non-adult ped model and must be removed, as it is entirely prohibited under the PLA, regardless of context.

Enhanced Support for RedM:

Concerns were raised by fans regarding potential cutbacks in support for RedM in Red Dead Redemption 2. addressed this by stating that RedM will continue to receive substantial support. Job listings posted by Rockstar Games for the team further confirmed their commitment to both FiveM and RedM, dispelling rumors of RedM being sidelined.

The Challenges and Future Improvements: acknowledged the complexity of working on RedM, describing it as more challenging than FiveM on the backend. However, they expressed their intent to leverage Rockstar Games' knowledge to enhance RedM in the future. The team is actively working on optimizing workflows and reviewing legacy code to make long-term improvements to FiveM and RedM.

Anti-Cheat Updates: announced plans to enhance the anti-cheat systems for both FiveM and RedM, emphasizing their continued dedication to strengthening the fairness of their services.

General Development and Optimization:

In addition to anti-cheat measures, highlighted their focus on optimizing workflows and reviewing legacy code to facilitate faster and less resource-intensive changes. While not immediately visible, these efforts aim to contribute to the long-term health of FiveM and RedM.

Upcoming Features and Security Measures:

Anticipating an upcoming txAdmin UI refresh, assured users of a "new and improved version" in the next community pulse. A new security system is also in development to identify leaked server license keys, with an expected release in December.

Potential Changes and Monetization:

In a recent investor discussion, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick hinted at potential changes to how FiveM operates, suggesting a desire to monetize intellectual property. This statement raises questions about future developments in the FiveM ecosystem.

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